Hawke。 (kikoshou) wrote in ruleyourdestiny,

Challenge 7

Sorry for the long, long delay. I've been busy lately and haven't had time to take care of the communities. I still need a banner maker to hire too! But without further ado, here is Challenge 7.

Click the thumbnail to enlarge the picture (opens in new window).

Your challenge this week are screencaps of Guinevere.
- Using one of these pictures, make your icon for this week.
- There will be no blending of outside pictures.
- Text, brushes, textures--ect. will be okay.
- You must make a completely new icon for this.

Comment here with your icon. Your submission will be screened so that only you and I will be able to see it. Comment with the icon itself and the url of the icon. If you have something extra to ask, please do so in another comment.

Happy iconing!
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